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Ive been giving the idea of striking up a blog for some time now. I did enter into the world of blogging some time back. In fact my last entry saw me shooting a local supermodel, Erin O’Connor at a cycle event in Birmingham.  This was nearly three years ago, boy how things have changed for me, but that I will save for another day.


I’ve had one of the most diverse, interesting, rewarding weeks ever behind the camera. Last Tuesday saw me shoot for a new client locally alongside the West Midlands Police. What was fascinating to witness and photograph was their interaction with the young community and how they are engaging them. They are using modern technology, Playstations, Xbox’s all onboard a specially constructed caravan to haul around to local schools and centres. It was one of those jobs that I almost forgot that I was there working as ever I too busy talking. There wasnt anything like that in my day and we were always suspicious of the Police. I guess thats how it was on a Council Estate when I was growing up in the seventies.

Wednesday saw me up out and heading to London for a shoot at my first ever commercial clients again. Now this job I like. The building is amazing and is situated at the back of Buckingham Palace. In fact the front part of the office overlooks Buckingham Palace Gardens, to the rear is Belgravia. Of course working a few stories up I get to see a great perspective and have promised myself I will take the camera out shoot the surrounding area. I spotted the spire of a church which looks stunning. Ive managed to work out its St.Peter’s in Eaton Sq. so when Im back down there in September rest assured I will be visiting the place.

8642729861_47170ff3d7I was lucky enough to be at this client back in January and decided to stay over and shoot the city at night. I took this image which at the time really did nothing for me, in fact I waited for the guy to move. Little did I know this would quickly become my most successful commercial image to date.

Thursday saw me edit the London commercial shoot, something which I used to dread until around 9 months ago when I enrolled in National Association of Photoshop Professionals. If you can get past the American accent and the relentless plugging of books and material, you are guaranteed to learn all you need to know in the world of Post Processing. This really came to forefront for me last September when I had to insert a person into a group shot who wasnt even in the country at the time and I hadnt got a clue where to start. Now I do this sort of stuff at the drop of hat, amazing what you can achieve when customers are breathing down your neck.

Saturday saw me shooting a wedding in Solihull. Now I had scoped out the venue for the reception, which had limited or virtually no potential at all, lazily thinking Solihull – it will be fine. How wrong could I be? Solihull Registry office is sandwiched between a Shopping Centre and its car park on a traffic island. Now this totally threw me, pressure on, think and find the workable angles. Luckily the Registrar was fantastic and accommodating. Rest assured I earnt my money on this shoot. Thankfully on Sunday I had to meet with another wedding couple, who are having their ceremony and reception where I got married. At least this time I had a reasonable idea of what to expect. With any wedding I always go with a back up plan in case it rains, after all we do live in England.

My final assignment came in very last minute, to finish off ‘the most rewarding week behind a lens.’ This involved me meeting and photographing local foster carers and staff. Not the sort of thing I often think about I must admit. That was until I met these fabulous, inspiring people. Men and women much older than me, looking after children from whatever circumstances. Certainly a humbling experience thats for sure and something I had never thought I would be shooting. Again I spent time talking to them, you will be amazed how stiff people become as soon as you lift up a camera and point it at them. I always try to strike up a chord and get them to relax.

So there you have it – my first blog in nearly three years. I have over the next few months some real exciting shoots. Ive fourteen weddings, Walsall Mayor Making Ceremony, The Mayor’s Civic Sunday, Mayoral Press Shots, The Monaco Yacht Show, The RNLI at work in the Irish Sea and a trip into the Sahara, plus some of the usual just for fun stuff. Hope you’ve enjoyed the read and will update as and when these happen with images and experiences.


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  1. Fantastic blog and love the exploits, phew you certainly sound busy, love the stories and look forward to more, huge congratulations on what you are achieving.

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