Nearly missed the Dambusters!

This weeks blog is a round up of  another varied  week and what an enjoyable one it was too! My week was bookended with shoots and press calls with our Mayor. He ends his term on Monday 20th, my wedding anniversary, Ive developed a great relationship with him over the last year and will be a little sad to see him go.

8734867157_33c1d87dec_cMonday saw me hook up with Dan Slee for a coffee after he offered to help me with blogs, blogging and all things technology. Had to cut this short as I had a press call to shoot an up and coming local boxer, Martin Gethin in our shopping centre. What a great guy, really great to work with and helped me get some shots that worked out well. Not every day you get to do shots and work like this. We had a great idea of taking him while we had him  to the Town Hall where he is due to fight at the end of the month. Anyhow, this shot is my favourite even if it is in black & white, it just has that something. Pity they dont print papers in B&W  any more.

This worked out really well as I had ten minutes to change the gear around and get ready for the shoot with the Mayor upstairs. I really enjoyed this shoot as he was hosting a reception for the new Foster Carers in the Borough. Have to say he made a wonderful  speech. He gave me his camera to shoot some images for him too. Rather embarrassingly I couldnt even work out how to switch it on!

When I got home I had a reminder that the Dambusters were flying through Derwent Valley later in the week to commemorate the 70th Anniversary. Not paying too much attention I filled in the Press forms and emailed them back. Two days later the Press Pass flipped into the inbox and I never gave it any thought as I really wasnt that bothered about going – stupid! My mate Andy rang me to say he had booked the day off work and could he tag along? So at that point I decided I better go. Andy couldnt believe I wasnt excited about the gig. So on the day we booked in our time to arrive, and boy oh boy was I grateful that we had passes. Cars were being turned away ahead of us and we were still 3 miles from the dam. When it came to our turn we were waved through. Brilliant! As we drove up the road we passed hundreds of people making their way there. We were parked next to the dam underneath the flightpath! Amazing!

We made the climb up the hill to sort out a decent shot. This time I took my HD video camera with me. Andy set up a 8745191302_01050ab44d_cremote camera to see what we would get. Needless to say I came away with hundreds of shots. The difficult thing is what to keep and what to throw away. So heres one my favourite shots form the day but others can be found on my Flickr feed at my Flickr account.

I have to admit to being slightly ignorant about the event and the enormity of it. Soon as I got home I started to sift out the wheat from the chaff images and then prepare for the next days shoot and thought how lucky I had been to be there.

As I was cleaning the gear, sorting memory cards and charging batteries – exciting stuff this camera lark, I had a call asking to bring Fridays shoot forward as the Mayor was presenting a plaque to the Fire Brigade. Again this worked out well as I had to shoot the Mayor and Mayoress who were  giving a reception to Foster Carers who were retiring.  Like clockwork he arrived on time, we fulfilled the shoot and I asked if I could have my picture taken with him seeing as we had a minute to spare. A rare moment for me to be in front of the camera. Here I am with the Mayor photobombing my own photocall! Brilliant! 8748024660_51e7ff5c5c_c

So up to the office and await the Foster Carers.This was a smaller party than the one that started the week. Shots were done, tea was served and my time was done, all I had to do was pack up, say farewell head home and process the images ready for the Press. I count myself very lucky to be doing what I do, something that I love and have a passion for. So the last shot in the blog is our Mayor and I outside Council HQ. Ive had a great time with him and  look forward to seeing him next week when he hands over . This will signify in a change of pace and workload for me, I cannot wait!


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