A bit late to the party with this one today. Just wading through what has been the busiest weekend of my career behind the lens, whereby I shot three weddings in three days. No big deal you say. But then being a photographer is easy right? Well let me give you an insight. The three days of shoots, averaged 10 hours each from bridal prep to first dance. I usually work on the ratio that however long the shoot you need to times that by two or three for editing. Plus there are meetings beforehand to scout the venue, draw up a shoot list etc.

Editing? Are you that bad a photographer that you have to edit? Well no, but I am perfectionist. Every image I take that leaves my desk has my name attached to it. I go though every one looking for flaws. As a Digital Photographer we takes thousands of images, especially on days as long as this.

So why so long on editing then? Well although people turn up at weddings in their Sunday best, some really dont know how to get dressed. This week alone, Ive tucked shirts into trousers, removed beer and food stains from clothing, straightened ties up because they look like they are half way around their necks, removed tan lines, blemishes. I could go on but you get the picture.

There are sometimes that I will just not take a shot until the person has tucked their shirt in. Does that make me a stroppy photographer? No but a 30 second rearrange is a heck of a lot quicker than tucking the shirt in at a computer in Photoshop.

The weekend threw up some interesting challenges but I really enjoyed it. Every ceremony and every reception was different. How could you ever get bored? What really got my attention was I had two sisters who used me and got married within 6 weeks of each other. What I didnt want to do was go into Factory Mode like some wedding photographers and produce two shoots the same. So I came up with an idea of using a remote camera for the second one instead of giving it to my assistant.

8928672311_e529def981_cI purchased a pair of Pocket Wizards (remote triggers) with this in mind and put one camera on a tripod low down with a Super Wide Angle lens on it and then used the camera I was holding to trigger it at the same time. I knew this was going to throw some really weird images but thought it would work. I was blown away with the results. Ok so your getting two shots for the price of one, but its just great when the plan comes together. Here is the shot of the bride that I wanted to get on the main camera. The second shot would take in the whole scene , give a sense of scale etc. This seems to be a bit fashionable amongst wedding photographers at  the moment and why not?

8928451051_0d568b610b_cI like to try and be unique, have that something that stands you out from the crowd. The flip side of thinking outside of the box, is you also get a bit more creative in the Digital Darkroom, trying out different processing techniques etc. Not sure if the bride and groom would like this, so I include the straight day to day processing techniques in the Final Disc for them. Having a location and back drop just suited this kind of idea down to the ground. We had the whole place to ourselves, so there wasnt a problem leaving the remote camera on the lawn whilst being somewhere else shooting. Dont get me wrong a lot of images from the second camera hit the cutting room floor so to speak, but the ‘keepers’ were well worth the effort.

I have a similar thing in mind for later in the year at a Sports event that Im shooting make sure you come and take a look at what I get from that.


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