Hard Core Press Core

Well after putting off and dismissing the idea for two years, I finally applied for my UK Press Pass and got accepted two weeks ago! Yay! It turned out after presenting my body of work, backed with briefs from editors, press officers, order numbers and remittances I was finally worthy of the coveted Press Pass! Having since discussed it with other fellow Professional Photographers, it would appear I went about it the the long winded and most expensive way. But hey ho, I did it and its another thing to cross off the list.

The clincher was the work Ive done this year with local authorities on health reports, hell I didnt write it, but my pictures which help tell a story were on virtually every page and more importantly my work on the Press side of our local Mayor. To say its been an amazing year is an understatement. I thought last year was good and if Im totally honest nothing had prepared me for this year.

To obtain one of these things you have to meet certain criteria set out by the ten Gatekeeper’s. They included BBC, ITV, Sky BPPA etc. It came to light that I picked on the hardest to send my work into. Probably why I had to take a call off them at the judging stage whilst whizzing up the M6 to a job. So whats the big deal you say? Well already Ive had the nod to go to Downing Street, the Red Carpet at next years BAFTA’s and Press Launches at Jaguar Land Rover.


Of course all of this sounds wonderfully exciting and enticing, Im sure it really is. But you know what? I would rather be at home, in the town I was born in surrounded by and with people who have given    me these opportunities to do this. I still do get excited at the phone call to go along to a press event for them, in fact I can be found on Twitter saying ‘I love my job’

I didnt realise I was supposed to enjoy it this much. Its a funny world and one that you should’nt really take a great deal of notice of. The periods of time that the phone doesn’t ring, the lack of emails for events. You really do have to believe in yourself and your ability. Its not because you’ve been forgotten, or your last piece of work was no good, its just the way things are. As soon as one job comes, its often times followed by another very quickly, then all faith is restored.

Ive posted up this shot as it was part of the work I submitted and one that Im hugely proud of as documented elsewhere on this blog. Hopefully, fingers crossed I get asked back to cover this event next year. If not well I can say I did it and it got me to where I am now and one that I can be immensely proud of being a Walsall lad. Being a part of history and documenting it in my own way. I guess in years to come some family member will come across this and other bits of Digital media and try and find out a little bit more about what I did in Walsall.


3 responses to “Hard Core Press Core

  1. Love the pride you have in where you live Mark; I have that same pride too. Also on the pride front, look at how you contributed on the day the Olympic Torch came to town. The local Flickr community all did the borough proud on that day of course.

  2. Thanks Kate, the town gets its knocks and all the good work gets over looked. The Olympic Torch Day was the start of things for me as you know. Never did I think I would end doing what I do now. I was just happy to have been asked by you and Dan from the outset. Who’d have thought it?

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