The Sinai Desert

How do you get a photographer on holiday? The majority of a photographers work is done during Spring, Summer and Autumn when the weather is kinder and longer daylight hours. So that means taking a break in the Winter. I love Winter holidays, but it has to be hot. The long days behind the lens, the time spent editing, weekends are the Monday, Tuesdays and the start of the week, so come November all I want is cool drinks, a bed by the pool and books to read.

This year we went out to Egypt for the first time. In fact Id never been to the Middle East so this was going to be fun – remember this is supposed to be a holiday so I took just the one camera and lens! Stepping off the plane at dusk having supped a couple of Jack Daniels during the flight, my senses were awakened by the fantastic sunset. Mental note taken I have to get this sunset. The hotel we had booked was amazing and was just right on the edge of the Sinai Desert. After a few days resting by the pool, sipping drinks and reading books it was time for an explore.

Off I set on foot into the desert one hour before sundown. Perhaps not the wisest decision being a tourist in a country with so much unrest, but hey ho not to be deterred I wanted to see life beyond the cosseted walls of a five star hotel. As predicted I had to shake off the usual approaches from taxi drivers to drive me wherever I wanted to go. Thankfully I had picked up a few Arabic phrases over the days I that I had beenthere, so able to say  ‘No thanks’ in a polite but firm way.

11131896895_755aa35909_cSoon enough I was on foot in the desert with my camera ready for sundown. It was all that I expected it to be. Great! But as ever, having a creative eye, I just wanted to be up in the mountains to see this. Alas this couldn’t be done as I was on foot and the dark was closing in, so I settled for a few frames of sheer wilderness. You can’t help but think all of this was once under water. I started to make my way back to the Hotel before dark set in only to be greeted by a guy walking home his horses. I still can’t to this day recall where he came from, but they were some of the most magnificent, majestic Ive ever seen. No I hadn’t been drinking and no it wasn’t a mirage, they really were there.

Having not quite got the shots I wanted, I scouted out the Hotel over the next few days trying to work out – THAT SHOT. Remember Im supposed to be on holiday. Anyhow I spotted it in the Red Sea! Told you I never switch off. The hotel had its own private jetty, heading 500Mtrs out into the sea.

So that was it, one hour before sundown off I went to walk the jetty. As I got to where I needed to be the sky started to turn the most amazing colours and I knew I had only minutes to capture it. Me being me, decided to then go into the sea as the sun was setting and wait for that decisive moment. Yes mad isn’t it? Sure enough as the colours started to change again just as the sun was disappearing being the mountains. Into the shot came a couple just merely walking taking in the same scene. I knew this was the shot. So I rattled off a couple of frames and hey presto – got it!


Thats a wrap now to enjoy the rest of the holiday and do the touristy things like camel riding, snorkelling etc. Told you can’t take a photographer on holiday and expect them to switch off.


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