5727715152_21e6ab92ba Im Mark Wood, Walsall born and bred in the heart of the Black Country. Im freelance photographer with a passion for most genres of photography.

For me a photograph is a fleeting moment that needs to be captured and portrayed. My work sees me travel the world shooting various scenes and assignments, from press calls to corporate shoots.

I’ve been lucky to be in the right place at the right time and have taken the breaks when they come my way. I feel it a real privilege and honour to be doing what I do.

My commercial site can be found at http://www.f8media.co.uk

My wedding site can be at http://www.wedding-dejavous.co.uk

Both of these sites get updated regularly so please check them frequently.

I also co-own and run a photography forum http://www.shutterchat.eu

I also jointly teach photography  workshops in Wales, Liverpool and here in the Midlands. My main areas are Press and Sports photography. That said I have recently resigned my positions within the Motorsport photography world, having found that to be a tad unexciting and not regretting a moment.

I love the diversity of the job, meeting some really inspiring and influential people along the way.


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